FBI has been a tradition since 2018, and everything has gone off very very well. There is a mutual understanding among the attendees of how it works and how to conduct yourself, and that allows this to be such a good time for everyone. Anyone is welcome to join us, but it is imperative that they can agree to that same set of standards. Here are a few things to know

  1. This is not a convention. As a result, there is not and never will be a registration or fee. It is a public hotel. We simply announce a date to show up, and put together a few events for those who decide to participate.
  2. As a result of this informal nature of the event, anyone can show up. There is no such thing as getting banned from FBI. If you have an issue with someone else in attendance, your hotel room is your domain. You don't have to let them in. Everything else is public
  3. The telegram chat is not as laissez-faire. Unlike most public furry telegram chats, it has been a place to make new friends, not new enemies. It WILL remain that way. Anyone who can't adhere to the following rules will be removed with haste.
    1. Keep it PG-13. Not the place for sexual/kink related conversations or stickers
    2. Keep politics or controversial topics elsewhere
    3. Be respectful. Even you feel the need to disagree with someone, tell them in the way you'd tell a friend.
    4. Interpersonal drama is not welcome. Deal with it elsewhere
    5. If you're gonna fight or argue with someone over something, keep it to DMs.
    6. When in doubt, read the room. You'll see that we're keeping it lighthearted. We would love to have you with us so long as you can do the same.
  4. This is not an 18+ event. The hotel staff, general public, other attendees, and most importantly of all the minors among the public, do not want or need to see your kink gear. Get as crazy as you want in your hotel room- again, thats your domain- but any adult gear or titillating accoutrements should be kept out of the public eye.
  5. The hotel has been very kind to us. The bartenders especially have become our friends, and the staff, housekeeping, etc have graciously welcomed us and treated us very kindly. Treat them with respect.
  6. As stated in #2, we don't have the mechanism nor the interest in removing anyone who won't adhere to the last two things. This is a vacation for the people putting it all together too, and they're not interested in turning it into a side job. But failure to comply will get you removed from the group and kept out of any group events.

This might sound like a lot of rules. You don't need to keep a list. If you just read the room, be nice, and don't be horny, you'll fit right in. We've never had to remove anyone and we really don't expect to. This is all just a cheat sheet to help everyone get the vibe. If that all sounds good, we're excited to welcome you into our tradition!