Eat Good

We are fortunate that our hotel rooms come complete with mini-kitchens, and this allows us to not have to eat out for every single meal for a whole weekend. We have made a point of using these kitchens to cook for one another. Below you will see an example of how this gets planned out:

In short, someone will volunteer to cook a specific meal on a specific day. Anyone interested in that meal will put their name below to sign up, chip in for ingredients and the effort, and then show up for a fresh cooked and inexpensive meal. In the past, there has usually been one meal being made per timeslot.

Given that the number of attendees has gone up, it will be fine to prepare more than one meal per timeslot without stepping on anyones toes. It is not realistic to cook for so many people in one hotel mini-kitchen, so attendees can choose one or the other in the event of an overlap.

Additionally, the default number of spaces to “sign up” for a meal at 10 spaces. Whomever is cooking the meal can adjust that up or down as they see fit.

When signing up for meals, pick and choose which ones you want to sign up for. You can do all, none, or just the stuff that sounds good. There is no shortage of great restaurants in the area in both walking, riding, and driving distance, as well as a food menu at the bar within the hotel (serves breakfast too). Cooking meals in the room has been a great way to save money while on vacation and a fun excuse to get everyone together.