What the Dog Doin?

Here's just a few of the things we typically get up to while we're there, so you have an idea of what to expect. Not so much as one big group, but as a series of small groups who will break off and then get back together with the rest here and there.

Within the hotel is a bar/restaurant in the atrium. From 4pm to 7pm daily is a happy hour with $6 frozen cocktails. You can take them wherever including out to the beach.

Our hotel is a 2-mile straight shot to the boardwalk. There are a number of ways to get there, including a bus that offers a $3 day pass. There is (some) parking available, but there is also a bus lane that is friendly to bikes, roller blades, long boards, etc. The trek there and back on wheels is half the fun. Bike rentals are available if its not feasible to travel with wheels, but no one has rented from them yet so we're not sure if they're streamlined or affordable.

The Ocean City Boardwalk features no shortage of restaurants, bars, arcades, concessions, exhibits, shops, carnival games, rides and more. Genuinely fun time. It gets a bit rowdy at night and is a bit more family-friendly in the daytime, so bare that in mind if you're deciding which better suits what you're looking for. Some have fursuited there in the daytime and haven't run into any problems, but bare in mind it is hot in the sun.

Over the past couple years, we've gotten a permit to have a fire on the beach on Saturday night. It's been a great way to get everyone together in the same place one last time before the end of the weekend.

If you know, you know.

We normally have some combo of Can-Jam, light-up frisbee, Kuub, football and baseballs, & more.

There is a small arcade and gym in the basement of the hotel.

Seacrets is a distillery that is walking distance from the hotel. Very good rum. Their bar-restaurant has tables both in the sand and in the bay, and turns into a nightclub after dark for those who like to dance.

Walking distance from the hotel is a mini golf course that we've made a habit of having a giant game at each year.

Uhh we're gonna have to wait and see on that one lol the Ocean City PD did NOT appreciate how hard we went last year so its probably gonna be a little more low key, however it plays out lol

Whenever and wherever you want!

This is a tourist area. Lots of places to see and things to do. Some of the ones that have been popular among the group over the years have been an escape room, Dry 85 (distillery/restaurant), Dumsers (cute ice cream shop), Bull on the Beach (BBQ), The Dough Roller (pizza restaurant), Dead Freddy's (restaurant on the sand), and of course, swimming in the ocean!